Number of questions: 54 - Duration: 8 to 10 min
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Marketing Aptitude TestUnleash Your Sales Potential

Do you want to pursue a career in sales and marketing ? Do you know where your strengths and weaknesses lie?

This test is designed to evaluate whether you have the traits and skills needed for a successful career in sales and marketing.

The Marketing Aptitude Test:

  • Identifies your key personality traits related to sales
  • Helps you discover where your sales potential lies in four business fields: Marketing, Sales force, Customer relations management, and Technical sales
  • Matches your profile with ten occupational groups within these fields

More information about the Marketing Aptitude Test

This online psychometric assessment gives you a complete analysis of your sales and marketing potential.

Your report includes:

management skills test

  • A personalized analysis based on:
    • Nine personality traits associated with sales: Human relations, Challenge, Adaptability, Persuasiveness, Intuitive decision, Self-control, Availability, Analysis / Evaluation and Anticipation
    • Four behavioral dimensions: Initiative, Social, Strong, Assertive, and Disciplined
    • Four professional dimensions: Sociability, Assertiveness, Composure, and Ability to analyze.
  • An explanation of the factors highlighted in your particular profile
  • A comparison of your profile with ten occupational groups within the fields of sales, distribution, and marketing

The Marketing Aptitude Test was developed and validated by Central Test psychologists on a representative sample of the English-speaking population. Central Test is the leader in personality, ability and career testing with more than 3,500 clients and two million internet users.